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April Promotion – Timo Pendant Light

We are excited to announce that we are introducing a promotion of the month, which started in April. This will include a product of the month with additional discount for one month only. To ensure you do not miss out on the product of the month, please subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about the next promotion.

Pendant lighting has been a trend for the last couple of years and continues to be popular. Not only pendant lighting but lighting design has developed over the last couple of years and often a focal point in a scheme. The importance of capturing the “right light” within our interiors is almost as challenging as picking lighting that you love. Our Timo lighting creates the opportunity to introduce spot lighting into your interiors but in an elegant and classic way.

Our Timo Pendant Light is modern and features our iconic brass material which is featured throughout our BI Signature Collection. This simple but elegant design can be used individually or grouped together, mixing the sizes and finishes. By mixing the finishes and sizes you can create a chandelier effect but also playing around with the length of the cord can transform the look of these pendants.


As you will see above the Timo Pendant has been used as a trio above a kitchen island to create direct light over the sink and the kitchen island. By using the same finish this design looks sleek and modern in a contrast to the other traditional features of the kitchen.

Dining Room

Another example of multiple Timo Pendants being used to direct light onto a surface area. In this example it shows the lights above a dining table, by adding the Timo’s to this space it gives the opportunity to create a soft atmosphere but also practical space for dining.


A new trend is using  pendant lights as bedside lights, in this example the Timo Brass Pendant has been used individually above the bedside table. This creates a polished look and also creates a beautiful contrast against the Merino Wool of the headboard.

Currently on promotion for the month of April with an additional discount of 20% off the Retail price. Please email us at info@birgitisrael.com to find out more about our lighting collection or about our available stock.


BI Signature Collection – Dining Tables

Dining rooms can be the heart of the home, where many congregate at the end of the day or for a special occasion. Therefore dining tables are often the focal point when designing a Kitchen or Dining Room. Included in our B.I Signature Brass Collection, we have a number of possible dining table options: the Stella, Tom or Walter Table. The Stella plinths can be used individually or in a pair, while the Walter Table is available for bespoke services. It gives you the opportunity to create something truly unique to fit your interior.

The Stella Collection has been one of the most versatile collections for a number of years with multiple uses for the plinths. As shown above, the Stella Rectangular has two plinths with the option of either a glass or marble table top. The Stella plinths are 3-point brass table plinths with the option of polished brass, antique brass or bronzed finish. We can accommodate bespoke dimensions and finishes if you would like to specify a custom made piece to transform your space.

The Stella Plinth can also be used individually as the picture below demonstrates. Showing how versatile the collection can be, on request the Stella plinth can also be made as a coffee table, display or poseur table. Our standard sizes for a single plinth are 60Dia x 75H cm and the same options are available for the finishes as mentioned above.

The Tom Table has a similar feel to the Stella table, but with 4-points instead of 3. The plinth is slightly larger, therefore the glass top can be slightly bigger, ideal to sit 8 to 10 people. The plinth is hand finished in antique brass and is also lacquered. We can offer the same glass or marble table top up to 180Dia cm. We currently have only one Tom Table left in stock, this is a great opportunity to purchase this classic design before the piece is discontinued. Please email us at info@birgitisrael.com for more information.

The Walter Table is described as a bronzed oval table with black satin lacquer solid ash legs, but the technique we use on the table top creates so much character. The description does not live up to the beauty of this range. The finish of the Walter Table is hand-applied to achieve the natural oxidisation signs, which also creates a painted quality patina. The depth created by the oxidisation is individual to each piece, meaning that each table is unique.  All of these pieces are handcrafted in Germany, where a great deal of care and attention to detail is put into every order. As one of our original Birgit Israel designs, the Walter Table still remains classic to this day. Bespoke dimensions and finishes available on request.

Each piece from the BI Signature Collection is handmade using timeless materials, this is perfectly demonstrated by our options available for Dining Tables. Even though these pieces are made using the same material, they all have their own personalities and feel. This sense of feeling is something we strive for at Birgit Israel and is why we use hand finishes to put soul into each piece.

BI Signature Collection – Brass Collection

Brass has always been a key material at Birgit Israel since the first pieces were introduced into the BI Signature Collection. The Brass Collection is now renowned for classic pieces, which ranges from lighting to dining tables. There are three finishes available: Polished Brass, Bronze and Antique Brass. The variety with the finishes gives you the opportunity to create different depths and textures to add to your interior and are often mixed together.


The most renowned pieces are the Pebbles – the elegant lines and shape create the ideal side table. Either on their own or in a cluster, they are iconic pieces. There are four different sizes available, Dia40 x H40 cm, Dia40 x H50 cm, Dia60 x H40 cm and Dia90 x H36 cm. Mixing the heights, sizes and finishes look beautiful together and is how Birgit loves to style these pieces. The largest size of the Pebbles is designed to be used as a coffee table, but the pieces can be made to bespoke sizes to meet your requirements. All sizes are available in all three finishes.

The Xavier Bronze Desk is truly one of a kind and is definitely a show stopping piece in any interior. The depth of the bronze adds another dimension and compliments the design of the desk. The piece is also versatile, described as a desk, but can also be used as a console table or dressing table.

One of the newest pieces to be added to the BI Signature Collection, is the James Trim. This piece incorporates a delicate brass trim to add extra detailing. The chest of drawers is available in our standard finishes (White RAL 9001, Black RAL 9004 or Taupe RAL 1019), which means there is a number of different variations available. We are happy to work with bespoke RAL colour variations to help create an exclusive piece that compliments your scheme.

Our Aram Side Table has been reintroduced to the BI Signature Collection this year. The side table has been a design classic within our collection, but this year we decided to also introduce a new colour way to keep the piece current. The modern combination of white and black satin lacquer enhances the original design and works well with the shape of the piece. The original design is our standard Black (RAL 9004) satin lacquer with polished brass trim in the centre. The brass is used to lift the design of the tapered side table, where your eye is drawn to the middle where the shapes meet.

All of these pieces are available for bespoke services and hand made to fit your interiors. Please email us with your desired requirements for any bespoke pieces on info@birgitisrael.com.