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BI Signature Collection – Dining Tables

Dining rooms can be the heart of the home, where many congregate at the end of the day or for a special occasion. Therefore dining tables are often the focal point when designing a Kitchen or Dining Room. Included in our B.I Signature Brass Collection, we have a number of possible dining table options: the Stella, Tom or Walter Table. The Stella plinths can be used individually or in a pair, while the Walter Table is available for bespoke services. It gives you the opportunity to create something truly unique to fit your interior.

The Stella Collection has been one of the most versatile collections for a number of years with multiple uses for the plinths. As shown above, the Stella Rectangular has two plinths with the option of either a glass or marble table top. The Stella plinths are 3-point brass table plinths with the option of polished brass, antique brass or bronzed finish. We can accommodate bespoke dimensions and finishes if you would like to specify a custom made piece to transform your space.

The Stella Plinth can also be used individually as the picture below demonstrates. Showing how versatile the collection can be, on request the Stella plinth can also be made as a coffee table, display or poseur table. Our standard sizes for a single plinth are 60Dia x 75H cm and the same options are available for the finishes as mentioned above.

The Tom Table has a similar feel to the Stella table, but with 4-points instead of 3. The plinth is slightly larger, therefore the glass top can be slightly bigger, ideal to sit 8 to 10 people. The plinth is hand finished in antique brass and is also lacquered. We can offer the same glass or marble table top up to 180Dia cm. We currently have only one Tom Table left in stock, this is a great opportunity to purchase this classic design before the piece is discontinued. Please email us at info@birgitisrael.com for more information.

The Walter Table is described as a bronzed oval table with black satin lacquer solid ash legs, but the technique we use on the table top creates so much character. The description does not live up to the beauty of this range. The finish of the Walter Table is hand-applied to achieve the natural oxidisation signs, which also creates a painted quality patina. The depth created by the oxidisation is individual to each piece, meaning that each table is unique.  All of these pieces are handcrafted in Germany, where a great deal of care and attention to detail is put into every order. As one of our original Birgit Israel designs, the Walter Table still remains classic to this day. Bespoke dimensions and finishes available on request.

Each piece from the BI Signature Collection is handmade using timeless materials, this is perfectly demonstrated by our options available for Dining Tables. Even though these pieces are made using the same material, they all have their own personalities and feel. This sense of feeling is something we strive for at Birgit Israel and is why we use hand finishes to put soul into each piece.

Vintage & Antique Collection

During the past 20 years Birgit Israel has evolved from designing for other companies, to creating her own collection of lighting and accessories. She also started her own production company and created her first line of furniture, which was introduced in 2006. These pieces are all influenced by Birgit’s love and passion for Vintage and Antique pieces.


Since starting as an Vintage and Antique dealer, Birgit hand-picks each piece for the showroom which is based at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. Renowned for her eye, our showroom is the only place where we exhibit the ever changing mix of B.I Collection and Vintage and Antique pieces designed or sourced by Birgit.


To determine the difference between Vintage and Antique, it is best to establish the age of the piece. For most, an Antique is an item of considerable age, generally no less than 100 years old. These pieces are also valued on the historical significance and the time period.

In comparison the term Vintage refers to an item that is at least 50 years old. At the showroom we have a mixture of both Vintage and Antique pieces.


Influences such as American Hollywood Regency, French 18th and 19th Century Antiques, Danish Mid-century and Neoclassical lines have established Birgit’s style. These influences are often noticeable in the pieces that are sourced by Birgit. Mixing old pieces with new designs is a key feature of Birgit’s Interior projects. By sourcing these pieces, Birgit is creating an opportunity for Interior Designers and Décor Lovers to include a rare or highly collectable piece to their interior. By including our Vintage or Antique pieces, you will add value to your interior and create a focal point in any space.


The newest pieces Birgit has sourced for the showroom vary from highly collectable Objet D’Art to 19th Century Ornaments. We have selected a few pieces to demonstrate the variety and uniqueness of the new collection.


A large highly decorative birdcage with architectural features in dark stained wood and 1 door.

74W x 33D x 85H cm

C19th Pair of Scandinavian Ornaments

A pair of 19th Century highly decorative Scandinavian leaf-shaped ornaments with cut flower decoration on a marble base. The pieces are sold as a pair.

58H cm

C19th pair of French Empire Candlesticks

a pair of decorative 19th century french empire candlesticks with elegant gilded bronze detailing. sold as a pair.

27H cm

Flower Still Life, oil painting by Willy Knoop (1888- 1966). The piece is framed, signed and dated 1960 in lower right corner.


Frame: 98.5W x 86.5H cm

Print: 90W x 80H cm

For any additional information for any of the pieces included in this blog post, please email us info@birgitisrael.com

BI Signature Collection – Lighting Collection

Lighting has been a growing part of our Signature Collection for Birgit over the past few years. We have a number of different styles of lighting ranging from table lights to chandeliers. The newest design which was introduced was the Hector Table Lamp. Using luxurious materials such as marble and bronze, the different materials create a beautiful contrast. By mixing different materials our pieces are unique and elegant, this is something we try to create with all of our lighting.

Our Hector Table Lamp is available in a number of different variations, with additional detailing or without. The picture below shows our Grey Hector Table lamp with bronze detailing. By adding the detailing, you can transform this table lamp. Each piece can look completely unique with this option. There are 3 different styles of detailing which were chosen specifically to match each colour of the marble lamp. The marble available is white, grey or black.

This tubular pendant light is called Timo Pendant Light, which is iconic to Birgit’s style, the simple shape with the use of either brass or chrome. A number of designers have used these lights over a kitchen island or dining room table, which has been an extremely popular trend over the past couple of years. The length of the cord is adjustable, so the lights be set to the exact height to suit your interior.  The Timo Pendant Light is available in 2 sizes, this gives you flexibility to create a different look with the sizes, either individually or by mixing the sizes.  Bespoke finishes are also available on request.

Our Paul Wall Light is available in two sizes, the small and large. This polished brass and black wall light has been one of the most popular pieces in our lighting collection. The swinging arm feature is perfect for a reading space with the option of having the light perfectly positioned over an armchair. This is another piece which is iconic for Birgit’s style with the simple lines and the use of bold materials.

Not only do we have Lighting as part of our BI Signature Collection, but we also have hand-picked Vintage and Antique lighting individually sourced by Birgit. These pieces are often one offs, therefore very unique and hard to source. By introducing vintage or antique lighting into your interiors you are adding character and charm. Vintage and antique pieces will also add history and value to your interiors. These pieces become more beautiful with age and can work perfectly to balance a modern space.

A pair of French 1940’s Kuper Horse Lamps are a prime example of the unique pieces Birgit sources for the showroom. They are also signed by the artist Kuper on the back.